Why silver has darkened and lost its novelty? Maybe it happened due to the fact that the storage area is very humid, or there was contact with human skin, because many people, the body acts on the silver so that it darkens. Perhaps the silver changed color due to contact with sulfur. However, one should not lose heart, silver can get rid of nasty plaque in the home.

Before cleaning the silver, you must know what the sample is on the product. The fact that this metal is gold-plated shell, which may disappear with deep cleansing. Is important and the degree of contamination, due to this change the exposure time of the cleaning composition.

Prepare a cleaning solution. To the water add a few drops of shampoo or soap. Leave the objects for a while in this solution. Then properly clean them, this will help you a toothbrush. It should be soft fibers, because silver is one of the softest metals, and it is too easy to damage, scratch. Toothbrush gets into hard to reach places and deliver products from deposits, dirt and grease.

The second method of cleaning is directly at the same conditions: you will need a toothbrush, just as cleaning products it is recommended to use toothpaste, its unique properties will help is to clean the silver. It is possible to toothpaste to add a few drops of ammonia, and then the prepared solution to clean the product and leave for drying time, after you want to wash the silver and wipe.

The third method is the use of baking soda. You need to prepare a thick solution of baking soda and water and then apply it to the contaminated surface a good RUB and rinse. Also in conjunction with baking soda, you can use detergent for dishes and ordinary table salt. In the ratio of one liter of water should add one tablespoon of detergent, salt and baking soda. The prepared solution should be poured into the pan together with silver products to boil about half an hour. Always watch the reaction components and silver, do not overdo it, after the procedure the need to rinse.

If suddenly so happened that on the silver mold appeared, it is necessary to treat the surface with acetic acid, after a good wash. If you are going to clean jewelry with rhinestones or stones, best suited the following ways. First, you need to take a glass of water and add a few drops of ammonia, clean the surfaces with a rag or toothbrush, but it should not be forgotten that it is necessary to carry out the actions carefully so as not to damage the product. There's one more recipe from our grandmothers. For this you need to boil eggs and the water in which they were aterials, cool. Then put the silver items into the broth and wait for about half an hour, the effect will amaze you!

Not to give the silver to darken, can be purchased in specialty stores swipe, helping to keep the product a perfect appearance. In jewelry stores, in addition to napkins sell special solutions for cleaning silver, they for a moment will return the tarnished item in the old form. It's not cheap, so better to start to apply the methods described above.

Also, use precaution in the process of wearing silver jewelry. Remove them before contact with water, wipe dry, if they fall into the water. Try to keep silver away from high humidity. Jewelry should be kept in a dark, dry place best suited box. Silverware that is used rarely in use, wrap in foil, so the silver will not darken.