If you have a favorite fragrance in the luxury perfume - pick perfume with pheromones with the same smell. A perfume with pheromones is perceived by others as a normal perfume, but the pheromones have a huge, promoting libido effect. When purchasing fragrance please note that the composition was not alcohol. It destroys the pheromones. Apply perfume on exposed skin, on the wrist, earlobes, neck. The body must be clean, do not use deodorants, creams, lotions. Pheromones - subtle aromatic structure, which has affect any change.
When choosing a perfume you need to be very careful - some pheromones are able to scare away the man, to annoy him. Buying perfumes, carefully study the composition. Perfumes with Oriental scents can promote the interest of men to make sure were a part of musk, patchouli, amber, cumin, myrrh, a perfume must be suitable. Choosing monoatomic, wary that the man may not tolerate the smell, so it is better to buy a song from a few notes.
Scents, including pheromones of animal origin is banned in most of Europe, including in Russia. These spirits it is better not to buy. The flavors with the sexual pheromones of animal origin is very strong, can cause a reaction such as dependence on the partner. When applying this perfume you need to comply with the measure, the less the better, use them as sparingly as possible. The alternative will be a natural aphrodisiacs that are found in plants such as nutmeg, ylang-ylang, ginger, patchouli. When storing do not leave the open bottle, keep it in a dry, dark place, then the pheromones will not lose his action.