Ahead type kazipally step when choosing mens perfumeand to determine the type of skin the person to whom it is intended. Oily skin produces more of a secret person with this skin type usually stronger than sweats, so light odors will evaporate almost instantly, and also "interrupted" flavors of the body. Dry skin, on the contrary, they absorb the flavor and the smell it becomes even more poignant.
Pay attention to the way iznasi people prefer spicy food and regularly consumes alcohol, the smell of the crushed leaves to his skin, much more light perfumes just lost on this background. If you choose a Cologne for every day for the office worker, he must, of course, less intense than an evening scent, which is used by club patrons.
Keep in mind the age of the man and the time hadacek and women's fragrance, men's perfume obeys the rule – in the winter you can enjoy the smell with the heavier notes of the heart than in the summer. For men over 50 are more suitable solid, expensive, time-tested flavors, with notes of sandalwood, tobacco, wood, leather. In the summer they can afford mint and Jasmine, pepper and bitter chocolate. For those who are younger, produce a perfumewith citrus notes, amber and rosemary, vetiver and lavender, they recommend floral and herbaceous fragrances, musky accents.
Predpochteniyami personal note, you are buying perfume together, be sure to perform a test on compatibility of the fragrance. On male skin, as well as the female, smells fully disclosed in 15-20 minutes. If you take a Cologne or toilet water as a gift, then try the following trick – select a few flavors-the"favorites" and allow the man to smell it, one after another, perhaps anyhow some of them, he will ask, what smells so good, or complain of a headache.
Focus on klassikov the world produced annually about 200 new men's fragrances if you don't hunt for the "new season", choose a classic scent. For example,Georgio Armani , there are light, summer citrus, Aqua di Gio , spicy and fresh, for those who love casual and Emporio Armani - woody musk fragrance that is suitable for offices and business meetings. Warm woody floral Fahrenheit by Christian Dior is incredibly popular as a casual perfume is confident of a successful middle-aged men. Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels fragrance is considered to be expensive and luxurious, and the Hugo Boss Hugo is a good choice for every day for young men making a successful career.