Advice 1: How to choose a male perfume

To choose perfume as a gift to the man sometimes seems to be a more difficult task than to find a perfume for the most capricious woman. But when choosing a men's Cologne, perfumefocus or toilet water have their own algorithms and rules.
How to choose a male perfume
Ahead type kazipally step when choosing mens perfumeand to determine the type of skin the person to whom it is intended. Oily skin produces more of a secret person with this skin type usually stronger than sweats, so light odors will evaporate almost instantly, and also "interrupted" flavors of the body. Dry skin, on the contrary, they absorb the flavor and the smell it becomes even more poignant.
Pay attention to the way iznasi people prefer spicy food and regularly consumes alcohol, the smell of the crushed leaves to his skin, much more light perfumes just lost on this background. If you choose a Cologne for every day for the office worker, he must, of course, less intense than an evening scent, which is used by club patrons.
Keep in mind the age of the man and the time hadacek and women's fragrance, men's perfume obeys the rule – in the winter you can enjoy the smell with the heavier notes of the heart than in the summer. For men over 50 are more suitable solid, expensive, time-tested flavors, with notes of sandalwood, tobacco, wood, leather. In the summer they can afford mint and Jasmine, pepper and bitter chocolate. For those who are younger, produce a perfumewith citrus notes, amber and rosemary, vetiver and lavender, they recommend floral and herbaceous fragrances, musky accents.
Predpochteniyami personal note, you are buying perfume together, be sure to perform a test on compatibility of the fragrance. On male skin, as well as the female, smells fully disclosed in 15-20 minutes. If you take a Cologne or toilet water as a gift, then try the following trick – select a few flavors-the"favorites" and allow the man to smell it, one after another, perhaps anyhow some of them, he will ask, what smells so good, or complain of a headache.
Focus on klassikov the world produced annually about 200 new men's fragrances if you don't hunt for the "new season", choose a classic scent. For example,Georgio Armani , there are light, summer citrus, Aqua di Gio , spicy and fresh, for those who love casual and Emporio Armani - woody musk fragrance that is suitable for offices and business meetings. Warm woody floral Fahrenheit by Christian Dior is incredibly popular as a casual perfume is confident of a successful middle-aged men. Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels fragrance is considered to be expensive and luxurious, and the Hugo Boss Hugo is a good choice for every day for young men making a successful career.

Advice 2: How to choose a pepper mill

Pepper is one of the most popular spices, which not only improves the taste of dishes, giving them a poignancy and sharpness but has a positive impact on health. Pre-crushed pepper, are sold Packed in bags, upon the expiration of the time fizzles out and loses its taste, so mistress turned their attention to the side of mills for pepper. They allow you to get fresh fragrant seasoning just before cooking.
How to choose a pepper mill
If from the variety of spices you only use pepper, purchase the mill, which is suitable for him. However, there are versatile options where you can still crumble and salt or herbs. In contrast to is only for pepper options, such mills have powerful teeth able to grind different types of spices.
Grinders for pepper also come in manual and electric. In the first case, you do turn the mechanism of the device, forcing the teeth to grind spice. In addition, you can control the amount of the resulting pepper, and the powder is more fine. The best considered models with a double row of teeth that are securely a pea at the bottom that allows you to grind pepper completely. The mill, powered by electricity, there are faster, cheaper in price, but do not allow you to adjust the grind.
Pay attention to the material from which made the device. Cheap fixtures have plastic knives or burrs, which significantly reduces the quality of milling and the duration of their service. Therefore, give preference to models with a mechanism in stainless steel. Well, if the handle of the product and its body is also made of steel or ceramic, not plastic, because such a mill you will use for a very long time. Wooden device look very nice, but absorbs odors and oil, which significantly reduces the time of their application.
If the design of the mill is for you important, pick the product based on the color performance of the entire kitchen and its stylistic decisions. For example, if walls and furniture in black and white, the device is of steel will fit perfectly in this ensemble. But the fans of natural materials on a perfect model, painted wood, or even a rare instance.

Advice 3: What's better: perfume, perfume or toilet water

Arriving at the perfume shop, you have to choose not only the desired flavor, smelling bottles, and spraying the testers. Besides the smell, you also have to decide what you want: perfumes, toilet or perfumed water.
What's better: perfume, perfume or toilet water


Perfume is composed of perfume, alcohol and water. Their main difference between them lies in the ratio of these ingredients. Perfumes are the most concentrated kind of perfume products. In their vial contains 15 to 30% of aromatic extract, dissolved in 96% alcohol. This concentration makes the spirits much more persistent in comparison with the same water. The scent can last on the body from five hours and more, and you can catch a touch of your favorite perfume on the clothes even after a few days. As a rule, spirits are produced in small vials with the original design. But large volumes are not required, because a couple of drops is enough to smell all day. Perfume – not cheap, but if you've found your smell and want to smell exclusively to them, you should afford this purchase. Even when a plume of perfume evaporates, your body still continues to keep a subtle hint of scent. Want to seduce the partner's favorite scent, then the perfume – it's your choice.

Eau de Parfum

The content of aromatic compositions in the perfumed water is somewhat lower than in the spirits 10-20% dissolved in 90% alcohol. Eau de Parfum typically is enclosed in a bottle-a spray bottle, ensuring the optimal application and stays on the skin for about four to five hours. Today this water is the most popular type of perfumes. She is rather strong, and a small bottle you can carry with you and, if necessary, to refresh the smell. This perfume is perfect for women working in the office, which can during the lunch break wrists a couple of "zilch" of water, and went out to work – to change it to a more appropriate evening option.

Toilet water

Toilet water is the least concentrated. The content of odorous substances in it accounts for only 4-10%. Aroma composition is dissolved in 80-90% alcohol. Toilet water usually has lighter smell compared to saturated perfumowana products, and stays on the skin for two to three hours. Toilet water is also available in bottles provided with a spray, and is perfect for daily use. The cost of free water lower than perfumed spirits or equivalent. If you like to change the aroma of the mood and prefer to always be different, a few bottles of toilet water will allow you to do this.
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