The flavors are traditionally divided into several groups: floral, fruity, woody, leather, aromatic, Oriental, unisex. Therefore, before going to the store to decide one group of fragrances, with the spirits which you would like to meet you. If you are romantic nature, pay attention to floral and fruity perfumes. If your character is feisty and assertive, make a choice in favor of leather or woody scents. Eastern beauties can look out for itself, the spirits of the Eastern group. Of course, this is a conventional examples. Therefore, choosing a fragrance, you must first see themselves in it and their personality.
For this reason, some women on the dressing table is constantly the same bottle while others have the whole collection. Moreover, some specimens in the collection of the women may not even use. How to avoid it? Go to the perfume shop in the morning. At this time, the sense of smell works in an intensive mode. So you'll be able to catch the aroma notes that you do not like. Certain chords of fragrance can really badly affect the nervous system, causing joy and delight, and headache. In the evening, the buds are not too clearly distinguish smells.
Going for a perfume, do not spray on any perfume. Otherwise they will kill the smell of choosing flavors. After the first three sitesto ask the consultant to quickly return the nose sensitivity. Especially to do it in stores with a large assortment. If the air is always present a mixture of different flavors is a great possibility to choose something. Do not choose a perfume, when your hormonal balance is changing. This is manifested during menstruation and pregnancy.
Apply a perfume on a blotter or on your wrist and listen to them. If the smell you like, quit out of the store and walk. So, you'll learn how the flavor is revealed over time. In addition, you will personally check and strength of flavor. If you are satisfied, you can return to the store and make a purchase. To experience the initial note of flavor, you just have to open the bottle. Typically, this gives alcohol smell, nice. But it is followed by the main note. It is already possible to distinguish between shades of the odors and on their basis to determine the attitude of the fragrance: like it or not. On stage, residual perfume can change beyond recognition, and gain a special charm. It is because of the base notes of a perfume on a friend may smell quite differently than in the store.
It is important to know how to distinguish from fake French perfume. For this you need to carefully consider the bottle and its packaging. If in some places distinctly visible glue, perfume cap is not closed tightly, there are irregularities and other defects, this suggests that the scent is a fake. In the name of the original should not be too much of letters and other graphic symbols. French spirits must be the inscription "Made in France".
If you buy a perfume not for the first time and know their true aroma, it's a much easier choice. Any deviation from this odor, or present unfamiliar notes indicate that you are holding a fake. Buy spirits only in specialty stores and networks that you trust. Do not buy perfume with it. So the risk to purchase a fake perfume is much reduced.
When choosing a perfume there is such a rule: the younger the girl, the easier and lighter, must be her perfume. And older women are encouraged to pick up a powdery, spicy fragrance with Oriental notes. This perfume can be very persistent and heavy. Scents can be associated with some events, travelling and so on. Inhaling this odor, you will remember pleasant times in the past.