Please contact your nearest MTS. In any major city has such a center, to clarify the location of which is possible by phone 8 800 333 0890. You will need photo ID and a contract for the SIM card to perform blocking operations. As a rule, such operations are carried out only in the presence of the original document. If the number is registered to another person, he must work together with you and a passport to come to the service center to lock the phone.
Use Internet assistant to perform a lock of the SIM card by yourself. Please, visit the MTS website at and enter your phone number (to lock) and the password corresponding to the given number. While the number phone receive a message which will indicate the identification code for authorization on the operator's official website.
Inspect the page of the web assistant and select "Lock room", which is in the list on the left. Click on it to go to the service section on managing lock SIM card.
Fill out the form and submit the request for execution. This service is free. If you need to activate the phone number again, you will need to recover SIM card. This can be done at your nearest MTS stores, as via the website it will be impossible, because the messages on a blocked number don't and you need to authorize the message with the code.
If you have never used the Internet helper for MTS site and you do not have your password, you cannot lock the rooms without a visit to the MTS centre will not work. Contact help Desk operator for more information on lock SIM card.