You will need
    • meat (pork
    • beef
    • lamb);
    • salt.
    • For the marinade (per 1 kg of meat):
    • 60 ml olive oil;
    • quarters of two lemons;
    • pepper;
    • 3 tbsp. dried herbs of Provence.
To prepare the skewersand need to purchase a grill or do it yourself. Translated from the Turkish "Mangal" means "brazier". It is a fairly primitive design and is a rectangular shaped metal box without a lid.
When buying a grill, pay attention to the thickness of the metal. The walls should be at least 8 mm. is Very important and the quality of the material from which made grill. If you use low-grade and nagaretani material, the coal will very quickly go broke, and barbecue dry quickly and burn. Besides the barbecue can quickly become distorted.
Before cooking the shish kebaband it is necessary to prepare the grill. If you have used them before, then just move on to the incitement of coal. The new grill, first remove from the walls of the plaque that is formed during storage. Then put the bottom of wet paper, light it on fire and cover the grill lid. This is done for cleaning the steam. When the paper is completely burned, remove the ashes and remains and wipe the bottom and sides of the fabric.
To fuel the barbecue grill and place on the bottom of some coal. Make sure that it is not reached until the middle of the wall for a few cm Incinerate the coal from the bottom. For ignition, use a special liquid fuel. Although you can do without it, and kindle a fire with cardboard and Newspapers. Minutes through thirty-forty, when the coals are covered with ashes, you are ready to cook the skewers.
For the barbecueand perfect meat with fat layers of younger animals. It is advisable not to use frozen meat. Before cutting wash the piece under running water and cut into small cubes, approximately 70-80 grams. Try to they were approximately the same size. Slice the meat across the grain. Marinade you can use any. Please note, pickle skewers better immediately before frying. Otherwise avoid losing the juice. The dish turned out juicy, add in marinades, vegetable oil, onion, and Basil. Enough to marinate four hours.
Thread pieces on skewers lengthwise. To prevent burning, pre-clean the meat from the extra spices. When the shish kebab is skewered, place the skewers on the grill (first on the minimum distance from the coals). The first five minutes for crust cook the meat at the maximum temperature, constantly turning the skewers. Then depakite skewers over medium heat until tender, not forgetting from time to time skewers to flip.
Ensure that the coals from falling on them of fat not burned. Shish kebab roasting on an open fire, and through infrared radiation of hot coals. If there is a flame, immediately contain it, pricesif any liquid.