You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • computer.
Follow send ringtones to MMS using your mobile phone. To do this, make sure that your phone is activated and is enabled to send and receive multimedia messages, and also there is connected a Gprs connection.
Go to phone menu select "Messages" and click "Create". Enter the text, then add a melody to the message. To do this, select "Options", then click "Add/Insert object", then "Open gallery" or "file Manager"; the names of these commands may vary depending on the specific phone model. Then you will be moved to the file system of the phone.
Go to the folder with the ringtones, then select the music file you want to upload, select it and click "Paste". Please note that its size should not exceed 1Mb. After insertion, you may receive a message that the recipient may not be able to take the object. Ignore it. Then select the recipient of the message and click "Send".
Use the function of sending MMS from the site if your phone does not support this option. Select a statement recipient from the drop-down list. In the next field enter the recipient's number, then add text message. Next, click "Choose file".
In the opened window select from your computer the music file that you want to send via MMS and click "Open". To correctly send the size of the ringtone must not exceed fifty kilobytes. Click "Send".
Use similar services to send multimedia messages via the Internet at:, There is also a app to send SMS and MMS; download it on the link