You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - registered email on one of the email services.
Mail services try to be closer to their users, providing a variety of services. Add text message pictures – one such feature, allowing you to diversify any letter. A wide range of these options provide Gmail, Yandexs and other electronic programs. The principle of action when sending images in them are identical. But at the same time, each has its own nuances.
For example, Gmail includes in its settings, the "Experimental feature", thanks to the use of which can in text messages to add any picture. To start editing, go to your e-mail and start writing letters. Select "Experimental features" in the list of transactions, click the "Insert pictures" and then "Enable". Then go to advanced formatting and find a special editing panel. In the message put the cursor where you want to put the picture. Click the "Insert image" and paste in the body of the email the desired file.
In "Yandex" put the pictures in the message is possible with the help "Yandex. Postcards". To use this function, go to the appropriate section, select the option "Draw a card" and then "Upload image". Specify the location of the image and click button "Attach".
Some interesting options for the design of the letter offers a "Mile. ru". When creating a new message the user can choose any design, using one of the available in the archive of a mail service theme. Adding the style to the workspace, double-check the text message and click "Send".
Decorate your letter in "the Mail" can and from the download page of postcards, which is located at the address Select the image, enter the name, user address, time of sending letters and text messages. You can copy from any textovogo document and include in the body of the message.
Also on the project "" you can use the "draw yourself". For this ready message, place one of the supplied images or add your image or video, which is enough to specify the way to load a photo and press the button "Download".