Advice 1: Why does not network card

For the computer in the network (including the Internet) require the use of a network card. There are a number of factors that can cause failure of this device.
Why does not network card

One of the most common variants is a bug in the drivers. To check go to start –> "control Panel" –> "device Manager". Scroll to "Network adapters" and expand it. If the used equipment is an icon of a yellow triangle or a question mark), most likely the problem is the driver for the device. Click right mouse button and select "Update driver software". Next select "Automatic search of drivers".

To resolve this problem in another way. Launch your Internet browser and go to the official website of the manufacturer of the network card. Find a page devoted to your model and download drivers. Final after download double click the installation file and wait until the end of the process.

The second common reason is turned off the connection. Click "start" –> "control Panel" –> "Network control Center network and sharing"). Find the used network connection. If it is, open its properties and click "Enable".

Another cause of malfunction may be a used cable. Remove network card and check for damage. Note on the contacts – it is likely that some of them are broken or depart from the network card slot. If possible test the cable on another device. If everything works, then the problem lies not in this.

Swage the cable used is also one of the reasons for failure. If the computer's network card connects to the router, hub, etc., should be made of the direct circuit of the crimping. If there is a connection of one computer with another, the cable should be crimped "on the contrary", according to the scheme of crossover.

Advice 2: What is a network card

Network card (network adapter, network interface card, NIC - Network Interface card) is usually called a specialized computer component, which provides communication and data transmission between multiple computers on your network.
What is a network card
Network cards are divided into:

integrated into the motherboard (mostly in laptops);
- external, requiring connection to a computer.

External network card, in turn, differ in the way they connect to the computer and the bus, which enables the exchange of data between the motherboard and network card. To date, the most widely network card with a connector for twisted pair and wireless.

The main characteristics of the network adapters are:

- bit depth - 8, 16, 32 and even 64 bits;
data bus - ISA, EISA, VL-Bus, PCI;
the controller chip (chip);
- support network environment of the transmission - BNC, RJ45, AUI;
- speed;
- FullDuplex;
- The MAC address.

The interface differences make the difference in the configuration of network cards, though the vast majority of modern devices support the Plug&Play technology.

The generic drivers included with the operating systems, allow you to use all the basic functions of the network adapters of the last generation. The drivers offered by the manufacturer of the network cards differ a great set of features.

Of special note are the cards based on USB technology, enhancing convenience and ease of use. a necessary requirement in this case becomes version support USB 2.0 motherboard of the computer.

Additional arguments for choosing a network card can be:

support adapter technology Boot ROM that provides the ability to boot a computer without hard drive on the network;
- support card Wake On Lan, responsible for the switching function of the computer via the network;
the set of indicators the rear panel of the model chosen card.

Recommended by manufacturers of network cards are Intel and 3Com. Also of note is products CNet, LG, Surecom, Allied Telesyn, At-Link and SMC.

Advice 3: Why not working Wi-Fi through a router

Wi-fi router – a device designed for wireless Internet distribution. The advantage of this go is its portability. No cable significantly expands the use of the Internet and increases the number of gadgets that can connect to the network.
Why not working Wi-Fi through a router

Incorrect configuration of the router

The main and most popular reason is the failure of the router is incorrectly set up. It is produced by using the disk that comes with the router, or via a web browser. To configure through the disc, connect the cable intended for the transmission network to the router, connect the communication cord, which also comes bundled with a personal computer, insert the disk in the drive and follow the instructions to configure the connection.

To configure the router via the web browser, type in the search string, the network address is "". A window will appear in which you must enter a user name and password. If you set up the base and was not changed by the user, the username and password will be the same. Type in two strings "user" or "admin". One thing will fit. Next, open the control panel of the router. In some models it is entirely in English. Language, as a rule, can be changed in the upper right corner.
The presence of the Russian language depends on the firmware version.

Click "configure Internet connection" and set all the parameters for your provider. Reboot the router. Then call technical support for your network and ask the operator registered the router. After a while the Internet will appear.

The fault of the network card of the router

The next reason of failure of a NIC in the router. She was able to burn because of a power surge in the mains. However, the router can work freely and don't show any symptoms, but the computer will not connect to the network. To detect this problem, connect your PC directly via cable. Call the operator and ask them to test the connection. If it is active, then the router is clearly faulty.
Replace the network adapter is best in the service center.

The lack of network card drivers

It is possible that it is not the router itself. Wi-fi may not operate due to the lack of drivers on the network card of the computer. To update or install the new driver by using a special program such as "Driver Solution" or by using technical support, which is located on the manufacturer's website. The first method is the easiest. All you need to do is install the program and run it. It will automatically detect the device on which you want to install or update the driver.

The complexity of the second method is that you'll have to look for yourself. Usually on the website all the manufacturers of virtually the same sequence of actions. Tab on the home page "Technical support" => "device Drivers" => "used product" => "Series model" => "operating system" => "Select drivers". Most often they are divided into groups for each device. Download need, install it, restart your computer and Wi-fi will appear.

Advice 4: How to change the speed of the network card

You set the speed setting affect a lot in the Internet, also because of their invalid input, it may not work at all. Depending on your connection type default settings may be different.
How to change the speed of the network card
You will need
  • - access to a computer.
Open the list of your Internet connections and right-click the mouse on the icon of the LAN connection. Click the context menu item "Properties". You should see a small window with several tabs. Go to the one that is responsible for the hardware configurations of your computer, click "configure" under the display adapter you are using.
In the properties window of the adapter go to the advanced tab of the hardware configuration. In appeared on the screen the window you have left to display the options of your Internet connection and the right values that have been assigned.
If you want to change the speed of one of them, find the menu item "link Speed & duplex mode", here you specify the necessary values for the equipment. Depending on the manufacturer of your network card name may take the form of Connection type, Duplex mode,“Link speed, Media type and so on. Read more about the names and the settings of your adapter (if the principle of working with him is radically different from the usual) read the user manual that usually comes with the equipment.
Set the desired value for your Internet connection. Usually network cards, use the value 10Mb, but it all depends on external factors, it is possible that your connection may require special settings. In order to get to know them, contact the technical support of your Internet service provider and know the necessary importance that you need to put in the connection speed.
If you encounter problems with the inability to open the port or not a valid username and password also check the parameters settings connection speed, as they must necessarily meet.
Useful advice
Do not change any operational settings.
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