Perhaps this is due to the fact that people established their first homes in caves, and that stone was the internal design of housing.

Of course, durability, strength, simplicity and at the same time, the embodiment of the Majesty achieved by the finish of the stone interior of the house.

Not to say that it is cheap. However, ordering a trim every time you go into a room, will understand that it is not wasting money on such a miracle.

Finish of the stone in the interior can be very different. But the main thing – the correct placement of light. In order for you do not feel like in a cave, you have to install the lighting in such a way that emphasized the texture of the stone. If all is made correctly – you will get the maximum effect.

Finish of the stone in the interior goes well with greens, glass and metal. It should be noted that the room in which there is a stone finish, should be spacious. In small rooms may not be very pleasing effect from the "pressure" of the walls. This is not surprising since stone is the epitome of greatness, but in a small room cannot be a priori.

Observing all these rules – you get a decent interior, ignoring is only going to hurt. If you want to finish the interior yourself, you should pay attention to the sequence of operations:

  • Preparation of walls before the main works
  • Mount special mesh on a prepared wall
  • Selection of quality glue
  • Directly sticking to the stone
  • The final stage is the remover of excess glue and washing of walls

Create your own comfort with the help of decorative or natural stone, and enjoy the special energy of this material!