1) "muscatel Delight". This grape is very quickly grow to large sizes. Mature in not more than 115 days. One bunch of grapes weighs about 1/2 kg. Taste berries have nutmeg, are quite meaty. Shade each of amber berries.

The main advantage of this variety that can withstand cold weather up to –27оС.

2) "elegant extra-early". Hybrid with medium growth rate. Maturation is also quite fast, not more than 110 days. A bunch of pretty heavy from 500 to 600 gr. The berries are white, while the lights give a yellow tinge. Each berry separately weighs 6-7 grams (quite large), the shape of the oval. Leaves a nutmeg finish. Frost is able to withstand this sort of up to -25C.

3) is zolotinka. The growth rate is high. Ripen already in 105 days (in some places up to 120 days). The bunches are large, the weight comes up to 700 gr. Form oval, color have white berries with hints of amber. Large berries with Muscat flavor. Ripens well in cold weather, so it is recommended for cold regions.

4) "Sasha". Max Matures in 120 days. Bunch large, up to 600 gr. The flowers are self-pollinated well. Berries amber-colored, round shape. Rarely gets sick grape fungi or something like that. Frost resistant up to -25C. The berries do not lose their flavor and taste in case of over ripeness. The main advantage of berries stored for a long time in the freezer, up to 3-4 weeks.

5) "bullfinch". Shrubs grow with great speed, ripen to a maximum of 110 days. Bunches very large and heavy up to 1 kg (sometimes up to 1.1 kg). The berries are oval-shaped, the berries are white on a pink patch on the side. The weight of the berries comes to 10 grams. The flesh is not very dense, pretty bland and pleasant.

6) "the Don dawns". Grows with high speed. Matured for up to 110 days. Bunches pretty large with a weight of 900 gr. The berries are oval with a pink tinge. For a long time can grow without treatment, rarely gets sick with fungi. Frost resistant up to -24C.

7) "Beauty Of The Don". The flowers are pollinated well by yourself. The weight of each cluster reaches 900 gr. The color is pale pink, the berries is quite large in size, the taste is sweet and pleasant. One of the most resistant to various pests and fungi. Because of the large bunches of branches are capable to reboot, so from time to time it is necessary to conduct normalization.