Pay attention to the color of grapes. Berries of different varieties for its own good, choose to your taste. Don't be afraid grapes with dark spots, it just means that Bush was not the chemicals in the berries contains a lot of sugar.
Also don't be afraid of black spots, they are a sign of the greatest maturity of the fruit. These berries have the most vivid and rich taste. But avoid the grape, which is present in gray mold and other signs of aging.
Carefully inspect the whole bunch, especially the "comb" brush. This part of the plant should not be completely dried but should be green. If the "comb" is not the same, so the grapes are plucked for a long time. This berry has managed to lose some of their nutrients. Take the brush and lightly shake it. Easily crumbling grape testify fading and long storage.
But note that some varieties of fruit has bad portability, so the ripe berries can fall off during transport. Try to take those clusters that lie on the counter, but as far as possible. Usually the sellers lay out the stale goods closer to customers.
Try to buy the grapes in the early fall, during this period, it is the most cheap, valuable, and tasty, because it is a time of ripening and harvest. Remember, the most delicious varieties were recognized: "Nastya", "Codreanca", "Laura" and "Sultana radiant".
Don't be afraid to buy grapes with berries of large size. This does not indicate the use of chemicals. Modern breeders have selected special varieties with large fruits, such as "Kesha", "Laura", "Anastasia." There are four types of taste characteristics of the grapes: Muscat, simple (white fruit, sweet and sour), izabelly (red fruit similar to the taste of pineapple and strawberry) herb.