The most favorable month for planting exactly is difficult to determine. It all depends on the weather, area and soil structure. To put the grapes too late is not recommended because there is a possibility of his death due to the short vegetation period. In the climatic conditions of the Moscow region, fall planting is useless.

For planting grapes first need to select good seedlings, removing them from dead stems and roots. The wind and the sun adversely affect the seedlings with open root system. Before the plant sprouts, you need to cut them into two or three buds. Prepare in advance with melted paraffin. It is necessary to lower the upper part of the shoots. Make a hole and fill it with humus or nutrient soil. Usually need no more than half a bucket of compost per pit. Next you need to make a "mash". Fill the bucket with water and add to two parts clay and one part rotted mullein. You should get a weight in the form of liquid sour cream. If the soil is clay, the depth of the pits shall not exceed 20 centimeters. When planting grapes on sandy soil, make a hole 50 cm. Carry out planting of seedlings. After that, a little we stamp the soil and watered with warm water, temperature 30-40 °C. Do hilling the top of the seedling. Young shoots will grow rapidly and must be constantly watching them. Ensure that their number does not exceed two pieces. The remaining shoots must be removed. It is not recommended to add fertilizer and lime. There is a possibility of burning the young roots. The distance between the seedlings should be about 2 meters, and between rows of 1.5 meters. The optimal location of the bushes from the South to the North. To plant grapes wisely, then the fruits will be excellent.