• Salt is probably the main fighter with " orange peel. It removes from the body harmful substances, helps to improve metabolism and removes excess water from problem areas. A simple salt scrub will effectively help to get rid of cellulite: half a Cup of salt you need to take one tablespoon of olive oil, add the optional essential oil. At the steamed skin to apply and do massage for 15 minutes. Due to the availability of the components this scrub was very popular among women.
  • The next component is, of course, honey. In addition, he has some rejuvenating effect, and improves metabolism. In some salons even make honey wraps and anti-cellulite massage. For the massage honey directly honey watery consistency, for best effect you can add a few drops of essential oil. Apply on steamed skin, and a bit of clapping along, to RUB into the affected areas. Time this massage at least ten minutes. To achieve maximum effect, after the massage in 30 minutes you need to turn ordinary food film, then the mask should rinse off in the shower.
  • The next component on the effectiveness of Apple cider vinegar. Vinegar improves blood circulation in problem areas of cellulite, helps the body rid itself of toxins. Often with Apple cider vinegar made wraps. To do this in equal proportions to mix the water and vinegar. Pour this liquid problem areas and turn in a food film for about 35-40 minutes, during this time, you must keep the mask film in the heat, you can, for example, to go under the blanket. Then just wash off and apply a cellulite remedy.
  • And latest fighter for beautiful feet is clay. The most simple clay mask: clay is diluted with water and applied on problem areas, it is recommended to sit quietly until completely dry mask, then rinse clean. After this procedure, you need to put something against cellulite.

Do not forget that no media will not give a perfect result, if there are bad habits and unhealthy diet. So, if you want to get rid of cellulite forever, then you need to follow the right way of life.