This sport for many years and some modern office "mow" their vessels under the old vehicles, so that tourists plunged into a historic atmosphere.

The most popular water transport for this type of tourism is probably Canoeing is a popular form of water transportation in every corner of the modern world. It is suitable for physically fit people who used to work in a team.

The number of tourists in a canoe solely limited to its size, so you can make a good journey in the noisy company or a romantic stroll for two through the waterways. Whichever method is for the future traveler preferred, it is always necessary to make a waterway along with the instructor. After all, boating is bordered with many dangers and the advice and assistance of an experienced instructor will only benefit.

A very important aspect of training is proper packaging and placement of things in the canoe. To do this, use can be made of tarpaulin, which was tied up crosswise. This will help to keep things in the boat and not flip it. Also the most important for the tourist things that are in the backpack should be placed in waterproof bags for safekeeping.

If you plan a long journey on the slopes of the river, forget the tent and sleeping bag is not necessary. After all, you can easily "Park" at a suitable beach and settle there for the night.

Make sure that Canoeing be sure to put the spare oars, as they can play an indispensable service if basic oars that something will happen. Such things happen rarely, but the reassurance in boating never hurt anyone.

And another important point: for a long journey in a spacious river-beds better suited canoe with electric motor. Easier to manage, especially newcomers that recently stepped on the field lovers of water recreation.