Disassemble your desires

Each new day brings us new needs and desires. As a result of desires is so much that they lose their value and importance. To get the result from each area of your life select one most important to you wish. Remember that the desire to be born in your soul, and not dictated by the people around you.

The desire requires the correct wording

Many dreams remain as unfulfilled desires due to incorrect wording. Start each your desire with the words "I want...". I am a very powerful word that runs the processes of the Universe, accumulating the flow of energy and when used correctly becomes the strongest tool. But one "I" is not enough. Pay attention to the words that follow on. "Ought to...", "I Wish..." and any phrase with the particle "to" indicates your helplessness and uncertainty. All this information is sent to the Universe in the you – helpless and uncertain about their life purpose. If you did not manage to correctly formulate the desire, and in his pronunciation sense of inner rejection, think about it, maybe it's the desire you are inspired by others and is not truly yours.

No "no" and "no"

Our minds aren't familiar with the negative wording, so the desire will be fulfilled without the particle "no". What we get in result? Deepest fears will become reality, but the dream will remain waiting to happen.

On the time, date and venue

The dream must not be abstract. Every desire must have a clear temporal and spatial framework. If you want to buy my apartment, thinking "I want an apartment" would not be sufficient. Determine where it will be, how many rooms to have, what time you want to buy it, even the color of the Wallpaper in the hallway can choose.

To desire a reality will require significant changes. This will affect your environment, lifestyle, place of work. If you want a higher wage, then it is likely that you will lose the current place of work, but do not despair, the universe leads you to great achievements, and not far off you will find an interesting and well-paid position.

"Manuscripts do not burn"

Whatever you want, write down on a sheet of paper. If you allow imagination and skills to draw what you want or bring any pictures from magazines.

Daily pronounces their desire for 5-7 minutes, this time try to imagine how you are already the happy owner of something you want so badly. Here you drink a fragrant tea in your own kitchen, arrange get-togethers with friends, travel to relax on a remote island, or get behind the wheel of a new car.

And the main thing...

Remember that desire demands action. Break the goal into several sub-points, each of which will be time-bound and specific solutions. The universe always helps persistent in your life to meet the right people, opens the way, but only if you are going to act.