To taste the carrots on the language you may want, if the body outlines problems with vision, mucous membranes or skin. Perhaps they have not yet manifested sufficiently, but if you do not feed the body the right foods, the process is compounded. The fact that the carotene that is the pigment that gives these root vegetables orange color, in the process of digestion is converted into vitamin A. It is vital the eyes to recover from bright flashes of light and the ability to see in twilight. Vitamin a deficiency can lead to drying of the cornea and, subsequently, to the conjunctivitis. A similar process occurs in the lungs and in the genital organs, and stomach: wherever there is mucous, it turns into the Horny layer cells. Vitamin a accelerates the synthesis of collagen and helps the skin faster updated.

With this in mind, it is important not just regularly chew on a carrot, but to do it right. With roots remove the thin top layer of skin and shredded carrots or turn it into juice. Best of all it digestible in its raw form and in combination with fatty foods - butter, sour cream, mayonnaise.

Interestingly, psychologists believe those who are particularly fond of carrots, a healthy and balanced human beings.