You will need
  • Stack (special scraper)
  • Ice
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper (sheet)
  • Special detergent
In order to clear the clay from a flat surface of the table, you will need a stack (special scraper). After the child has completed the sculpting, very carefully scrape away a stack of clay from the surface. Be sure to pay attention to the pressure of the stack during Assembly of clay with painted surfaces, to avoid scratching the lacquer.
If in clay soiled toys, then you need to do the following. The toy is possible to wash in as hot water using a special detergent. And then, if the clay is not completely washed up, needs to be erased remnants of the soft paper.
If the clay is the invasion of injured toddler clothing, before you remove the clay, the thing to freeze. Clothing should be placed in the freezer of the refrigerator for an hour or two and then gently scrape the frozen clay.
In the same way with the cold clay is removed from carpets and flooring. On the spot and placed the ice pack and changes during the thawing, and then frozen clay can be easily removed.
You can also try to clean the clay with vegetable oil. This oil is applied on a paper napkin and rubbed the stain. After the clay is properly cleaned, the grease stain will need to be removed.
Also clay stain on clothing can be cleaned through dry cleaning. Before to carry the filthy thing, better call the cleaners and see if they work with the pollution of this kind.