In most highly developed countries, legumes are used in combination with corn products provides a useful and balanced diet. Also these crops are very rich in vitamins, especially soybeans, which have become a widespread product due to the fact that it tasted like meat.

How to use beans in cooking

One of the most used legumes is lentils. It is often added to soups, vegetable and meat casseroles, etc. In India farmers grow on their plantations more than 50 species of this plant. In this country, from it is prepared a kind of porridge called dalam. This dish is made with vegetables and boiled rice.

One more widespread leguminous plant, the pea. His birthplace is considered to be South West Asia. This culture contains a lot of protein and vitamins A and C. the Most widely used and cultivated form of this plant is seed peas. It is much softer and sweeter than a field, so many of its varieties can be eaten raw, not giving them preliminary treatment. The other types of accepted canned or frozen to ensure a year's supply of this product.

Beans. This bean product is grown in all climatic zones of the planet. It is one of the major crops used as food all over the world. However, there are some varieties that are grown specifically for animal feed.

The most useful varieties are Lima beans. It is enriched in proteins, vitamin b and also calcium and magnesium. In Russia and other Soviet countries the greatest distribution was gained fire beans pertaining to climbing plants. Its seeds are covered with red and black dots, and can be consumed both in raw and in processed form.

The use of peanut

Despite its name and purpose, the peanuts, too, belongs to the class of legumes. Its homeland is South America, where climatic conditions allow to grow this plant all year round. Peanuts are often used in the production of confectionery products and sweets and chocolates.

Also, this nut is often the raw materials industry in the production of cosmetics, paints, plastics, etc.