What made soy asparagus

In fact, with the usual asparagus, which grows in the garden, this product has nothing to do, as do soy asparagus from soybeans. They are pre-soaked in water, then grind until mushy state and from this mass squeezed soy milk. Milk then boil and remove the foam formed, dried and rolled up plait. This dry mix and is used as raw material for the preparation of fuju.
This assimilated source of plant protein is very low in calories – only 234 calories per 100 g of dry product, while protein is 45 g, of carbohydrates and fats – 20 g.

Useful properties of soy asparagus

Soybeans, used to make fuju very useful plant, rich in essential amino acids, vegetable protein, vitamins and trace elements iron, potassium and calcium. Soy asparagus is perfectly digested, and the milk used to make it lactose free, which is an allergen, and cholesterol that clogs blood vessels. In soy milk and fuju also contains a number of polysaturated acids that are beneficial acting on the cardiovascular system and preventing development of many diseases. It also has a high content of plant hormones that prevent the decrease in bone mass and development of osteoporosis. In this regard, there is the risk of deviations in the sexual development of the emerging child's body, so children under 10 years have soy asparagus is not recommended, and for adults to consume should be in moderation, even though the harm from it are not proven.
Contraindications for the use of soy asparagus are diseases of the stomach and pancreas.

How to cook soy asparagus

Soy asparagus broken into pieces 4-5 cm and place in a deep bowl, cover with cold water and leave for 30 minutes to become elastic. Put the asparagus, squeeze the water. Slice the onions thin half-rings and sauté it in vegetable oil until Golden brown. Put the onions from the pan. On a hot pan in the remaining oil put the chopped garlic and asparagus, pour 1-2 tablespoons of soy sauce, add some finely chopped hot pepper and a little bell pepper, cut into strips and Korean seasoning "aji-no-Moto" monosodium glutamate. Simmer, stirring for 5 minutes, place in a bowl and add a little lemon juice, stir. After the asparagus has cooled, you can serve it as snacks.