Often the headdress choose a baseball cap. When the heat comes, your choice falls on a thin bandana. Bandana can fall off the child's head and protect eyes from the sun. The child may constantly squint that is not suitable for his vision. Straw hats are a great choice for girls that combine lightness, breathability and style.

Straw hat with cat ears

Interesting offer can be a straw hat with original cat ears. Hat available in many colors: yellow, blue, Royal blue, pink, red, orange. Suitable for any outfit and works in hot weather.

Straw hat in retro style

Straw hats in retro style are stylish and chic for every young lady. Headwear available in various colors. The girl doesn't lose his hat, even in a strong wind, wearing a elastic band under the chin.

Straw hat with rainbow stripes

The last sentence is a straw hat decorated with horizontal stripes in all colors of the rainbow. It protects the face from the sun, has a soft, light and airy texture. Well suited for the summer heat and protects your head from the sun.