If you get away from legends and myths, and look at the world map and at history, and you know that for a long time, rice was the main food of many nationalities. This is especially true of the inhabitants of the East and Asia. To this day there rice is the basis of most dishes and the only traditional garnish. All because the rice is extremely useful.


The absence of gluten.

It is an undoubted advantage, which boasts of Fig. Many people suffer from allergic reactions to gluten. On the shelves you can see the individual stands with products that do not contain this vegetable protein, and the selection of such products, to put it mildly, small. The rice can be a wonderful source of nutrition in the daily diet of people prone to allergies to gluten.

Protein compounds.

Their rice is extremely rich. It contains all necessary for the human body amino acids.

Vitamins of group B.

This vitamin group is needed for the harmonious operation of the CNS.


Thanks to him, the human brain works correctly. Lecithin is needed for the brain, as it has a stimulating effect.


Rice contains many other minerals, but potassium is among them, as it is much larger than the others. This mineral is key to the health of the heart and blood vessels. Potassium strengthens the heart muscle, which is essential for the proper pumping of blood. Lack of potassium may cause heart rhythm disorder. If these symptoms occur periodically, as a comprehensive therapy must include in the daily diet dishes based on rice.

The output of salt and water.

Rice perfectly removes salt and excess water from the body. Because of this, it is recommended to those people who care about the health of the kidneys and bladder.

Enveloping the property.

This property makes rice is indispensable for people who have any failures in the function of the digestive system. It is especially recommended to people with stomach produces a juice with high acidity.

Despite the useful qualities of rice and the legend of the divine about it, this product, like all others in nature, has contraindications. These include bowel problems, manifested by constipation and flatulence.