You will need
    • rice Nishiki
    • sea cocktail
    • vegetable oil
    • soy sauce
    • egg
    • sesame
    • green onions.
Types of Japanese rice different from Indian or Asian in shape (round), but also because they are more moist, sticky and sweet. Therefore, for cooking rice used less water than usual. Boil the rice in the same way as for sushi, carefully rinsing it in several waters and soak for 20 minutes before cooking. The proportions of rice and water barely reach 1:1, although some sources say that water should be at 1/5(or 20%) more than rice. The only thing what not to do after cooking riceis to mix it with rice sauce.
Prepare frying seafood – shrimps, mussels, mini octopus, squid – anything you want (can be purchased at the hypermarket seafood cocktail). Defrost them and dry on paper/linen towel. On average, count on a quantity of 100 g per portion, but the proportions of seafood and rice you can vary based on your own taste preferences.
Will pascalite deep pan, pour a little vegetable oil, let it warm up well. Fry in hot oil seafood within just 2-3 minutes. Seafood not taken long to fry, quickly fry – this preserves their nutritional value.
Add already cooked rice at the rate of 100-150 g per serving, as well as own taste. Fry, stirring, for a minute, then pour the soy sauce – a little taste. Cover and stew for another 2 minutes. Long products with soy sauce is not kept on fire, as the sauce will quickly start to burn. If you think that seafood is not yet ready – fry them a little longer. Add the sauce at the end.
Place the rice in misochku (kosusko, large bowl, deep bowl). Cover to keep it hot. Fry the omelet. To do this, crack the egg, stir it (severely beat is not necessary). Fry in a hot pan, greased with oil, either in the form of a pancake, only one side (then in the finished dish tear it to pieces) or stirring constantly, until light ready, but that the egg has risen and clutched, not peresushivaya.
Add scrambled eggs to the already prepared rice, mix lightly, sprinkle with sesame seed and obliquely (Asian) - chopped green onions. Fried rice with seafood – sifud but chahan fried rice ready!