Loose jeans that can be worn with shirts, t-shirts and any summer clothes. They can choose different shoes: from sneakers to shoes with high heels. Model of light-rinse denim is good for fashionistas for the summer season, as the weather promises to be hot. A good addition would wear, podvoroty and large sizes.

Women's overalls of a light fabric. This thing is like no other suitable for summer trips, unexpected meetings and for shopping. Perfect fit these overalls, usually on slender girls.

Loose trousers made of light fabrics for the summer season. Flare does not leave the leading positions this season, so feel free to keep them in their wardrobe. This summer, designers offer a wide selection of pants: bell bottoms, layering, and bright colored pants and for the brave – transparent.

Dresses and tunics. To choose them to your taste this summer will not be easy, because the diversity of proposals is through the roof. The length can be any: from mini to Maxi. And preferences, of course, it is better to give lightweight fabrics or mesh. This desire is not only fashion, but also the weather.

One of the fashion trends this season are shorts. Denim, bright, short, long, and shorts with high or low rise. Women can choose different types of shorts.

Shoes. This summer the trend wedge or platform. For girls who prefer high heels, designers have come up with to complement stud platform high thick block heel. This time the designers have thought about the convenience. Buying new things, don't forget to thank them.

Getting simple tips, it's time to go shopping. But despite all the variety offered by leading designers, we should remember about his personality, style and convenience. Proceeding from all this, it's easy to pick a best friends who dwell in the wardrobe for a long time.