External factors

You regularly look at the surrounding reality, in the kitchen you often look at different foods. At the same time what things in front of you depends on how often you will be to overeat or eat incorrectly. If you want easier to follow a diet or just to eat right, put in the area of your sight healthy foods.

Remove from the kitchen all the temptations like chocolates, packs of chips and a soda. In sight to keep only a vase with fruit, whole-grain breads and the like.

Make overeating difficult

This item smoothly follows from the previous one. There are only used for the most part, this mechanism of man, as the tendency to laziness. The harder you make overeating, the easier it will be able to observe the diet.

As an example, here is a simple trick from Google, I wanted to reduce the amount eaten by the candy M&M. In the offices just removed the candy from open containers and moved them to closed, though open containers, to get a piece of candy is not so difficult, the number of consumption of m&M decreased by three million. You can create something similar challenges for yourself and notice how to decrease your overeating.

Eat slower

Useful advice in all respects. In practice, scientists have established that the slender people chew a lot slower compared to fat. If a food is experienced slowly, the brain receives a signal of saturation, if you chew faster, you eat more than you really need for your body, as continue to eat until it acquires a signal about saturation.

Eat in the right company

Here the Council is quite clear that people unconsciously adopt the behavior of others. Most likely you tend to imitate their friends and buddies. Moreover, people often just imitate others without noticing it.

For example, if you eat near the fat person who eats a lot, then subconsciously will consider such behavior normal. With high probability in the company of fat you will eat more than their usual portions. So if you adhere to the diet, and eating better carry out to people like you.