First, clearly define the goal that you get with weight loss. All of you probably know of cases where actors rapidly lose weight by 10-20 kg for the role in the movie. Easy enough to lose them in this case, it helps having a goal and the right mental attitude. In your case, the target may be a prestigious job, meeting a nice person that you like, or just the opportunity to wear beautiful, sexy things. Be sure to keep in mind that your goal should be realistic and feasible. Here is an example of the right, which effectively will help you to tune in to losing weight: "I will lose weight and will not hesitate to sunbathe on the beach and swim". However, if you set a goal to lose weight and get married, then most likely you will have to wait for disappointment, because marriage has little to do with weight lossM.
Second, compare the importance of what you lose during the diet and what you will receive in return. If losing weight will help you in your career or make life more varied, to lose weight, undoubtedly worth it. But if you expect that your postroynevshaya figure will bring peace in the family or respect in the company of friends, it is unlikely. So be sure to weigh all the "pros" and "cons" and decide whether you want to lose weight.
The third point – think about whether you will be able to follow a diet concerning your way of life. If your work involves frequent travel, meetings with partners in a cafe, banquets, you most likely will not be able to keep to a special diet. In this case, you fall through and it will bring yet another disappointment. The solution in this situation is to find a diet that you can comply with in any case and refrain from frequent get-togethers with buddies in cafes and during lunch to parents.
The next step for effective mood for weight loss – menu planning and graphics power. If you chose a certain diet, then purchase for her all products. And nothing more - do not make yourself temptations! If you decide to restrict calories – carefully study each package of the products, count the calories and record your diet in a special notebook. If you are going to limit yourself in food each day beforehand to see what and how much you will eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, of course, strictly adhere to the selected mode.
And the last moment. If you decided to lose weight, start here and now, not tomorrow and Monday. Tell yourself "should" and "I can" and let this be your motto for the near future.