It is summer, which means that — in the midst of the holiday season. Everyone chooses a place for the soul, but most of the inhabitants of Russia are hungry for hot sun, seeking the sea. And there... is that the sun, air and water — friends only for the body and overall health. But the hair is not ready for the stress in the form of salt and sunshine, are having a hard time. You can, of course, to suffer, to tie hair in a knot and forget about them until the end of the vacation, but after — with all legs run to the beauty salon, to save what is left. But it's better to take care of the beauty and protection of hair to advance, and explore the means to care for hair.


How does sea salt for hair? Opening the cuticle, the salt water washes away all the beneficial components that the hair was nourished for many years. Moreover, if, after swimming in the sea failed to rinse hair under running water. In this case, the high temperature of sun rays that fry salty hair, launches an irreversible reaction — the hair becomes dry and brittle after the first day at sea.

The master barbers insist that for a couple of weeks before the holiday must go to the beauty salon to get your hair in order to prepare them to stress, to protect from aggressive external influences. BotoHair from the Brazilian brand INOAR that choose modern fashionista as hair care in summer. It is clear that the Brazilians with their climate know how to care for hair, so they do not suffer from the scorching sun. Therefore, the Russians who intend to travel on South, you should pay attention to this procedure.

How to care for hair in the summer? To make collagen restoration

Complex BotoHair is composed of collagen, keratin, argan oil and macadamia, soy proteins, wheat and silk. Very this wizard procedure is called "rejuvenation". Because dry, porous, dull hair suddenly becomes shiny, smooth, strong and healthy. Styling after it takes a few minutes. This maintains the volume at the roots, this effect, incidentally, is not after other straightening treatments.

Why before the release of the sea is done right BotoHair? Salt acts on the hair after BotoHair exactly the same as the rest. That is, it tries to reveal the scales of the hair and wash useful components. But, protected by the composition BotoHair, the hair is covered with an invisible film, and the salt has not such a destructive influence on them. Painful pilings also do not have quite dry hair that evening to be the most beautiful.

Five steps to perfect hair

It would be desirable to prepare hair for the summer at home, the procedure BotoHair alone do not work. Refer to professionals. Just five steps and your hair will be completely ready to leave.

Step 1. The Barber carefully wash your hair cleansing shampoo Deep Cleansing BotoHair. Then dry with a Hairdryer.

Step 2. Master mix collagen complex and Reconstructor. Will then apply this composition on hair starting from the nape.

Step 3. Then a 15 minute break, the client must sit with the team. After the master completely dry your hair without Stripping composition BotoHair.

Step 4. Dry hair master will pull the flat iron as usual starting from the back. Then again — break, the hair is cool.

Step 5. The composition is washed away without using shampoo. Hair dried and stacked.

Home hair care in the summer after BotoHair procedure involves the use of shampoos and conditioners from the range of home remedies by brand INOAR. With them the effect will last longer. Even on the beach.

Well, to be fully armed during the holidays, experts advise you to bring thermal protection for hair. For example, argan oil — Argan Oil Thermoliss. It is an indelible tool stays on the hair all day, and retains its protective properties even after immersion in salt water.