Advice 1: How often should I use hair masks

Hair masks can be attributed to the products intended for special care. To their application as effective as possible, you should apply them on the hair at regular intervals.
How often should I use hair masks
Using hair masks is possible in quite a short time significantly improve their condition. Use them in accordance with the recommendations of the experts, to the effect of their application was the highest.
The frequency of the use of masks depends on the condition of the hair and the desired effect, and the composition of the nutrient media. If your hair is severely damaged and in need of emergency care, apply the mask on them through the day. After 8-10 sessions, the result is going to be clearly visible and you will be able to use this cosmetic product for much less.
If you plan to put the mask on your hair as a preventive measure, do it 1-2 times a week. This frequency is considered optimal. At the same 1 time per week you can put on hair product, industrial production, and only 1 mask homemade.
Do not be lazy to cook nourishing, moisturizing and medicinal compositions for hair at home. Many of them in its effectiveness superior to the expensive cosmetic products that can be purchased in beauty salons or specialized shops.
Periodically change the composition or name of the nutrient composition. Cosmetologists believe that for optimum effect you need 10-15 sessions to care with the use of the same cosmetic product. Next you need to change it or to take a short break.
In summer, choose a moisturizer compositions, and in the cold season, give preference to nutritious masks. Also focus on the condition of your hair and scalp, as well as their own needs.
In order to increase the effectiveness of the mask, you can add nutritious ingredients, designed for a single application, the contents of 1 ampoule of vitamins. This mask should be applied no more than 1 time a week. After carrying out 10 procedures should take a longer break.
Apply the mask no more than 30-40 minutes. Indelible compositions against split ends, use every time after shampooing. Thus apply them strictly to the damaged areas of the hair.
Most of the active substances of nutritive, moisturizing and therapeutic masks penetrate easier into the hair structure, if the cosmetic product has been pre-heated. Before applying the mask, gently heat it in a water bath.
Useful advice
Apply the mask on clean damp hair. Then wrap head with a plastic bag and a towel.

Advice 2 : How often can I do a hair mask

The mask is the most effective way to keep the hair healthy. Its action is based on the fact that the nutrients penetrate deep into the hair structure, nourishing and restoring them. But do not forget that each mask has an effect on the hair depends on the frequency of their use.
How often can I do a hair mask
Mask, which is based on vegetable oils, are applied not more often than once in two weeks. All because the oil tends to soak into the hair for a long time after the mask was washed away. Therefore, frequent use of oil masks leads to greasy hair.
Masks that nourish the scalp, is preferably applied one to two times a week. If your hair is very badly damaged, the nutritional compositions can be applied every day, leaving them on the hair for a short time. However, keep in mind that the duration of the course this intensive treatment should not exceed two weeks.
Popular mask with the gelatin used for homemade lamination hair should not be done more than once every two months. Otherwise, the result will be the opposite. In General such a mask requires careful observance of all technologies of manufacturing and applying the mask. Gelatin needs to dissolve completely, otherwise the remaining grains of gelatin get entangled in the hair, which then have somehow to brush. This will lead to hair damage or even loss.
Quite often women use masks to enhance hair growth. The most favorite of most of them is a mustard mask. This mask is not worth doing more than once a week. If your hair is dry, not more than twice a month, as the mustard dries the skin. This treatment is courses. Two months of using the mask is replaced by a one-month break. Then, repeat the course.
To increase the speed of hair growth using the masks with the use of alcohol. Badly damaged hair in need of such treatment up to four times a month. If the hair is healthy, and the mask is done as a preventive measure, the frequency of such procedures should not exceed two times per month.
Remember that the frequency of the mask depends on the hair type and the extent of their fat. Also bear in mind that the greatest efficiency from the use of the mask is achieved with the treatments. Ratio of treatment courses and intervals between them should be 2:1. Ie two months of applying the mask should be relieved by one month break. Before the first application of the mask be sure to verify the lack of allergic reactions. Homemade formulations for hair made from natural ingredients, many of which can cause allergies. For better absorption of hair nutrients, the therapeutic compositions is applied on clean scalp.

Advice 3 : Do I need to make masks

Facials must be done for every woman and girl. Because our skin is so delicate, easily vulnerable... Every day it is exposed to adverse environmental factors: snow, wind, rain, dust.
Face masks

Facials cleanse the skin, moisturize it, nourish with essential nutrients and even cure. That's why masks are so important for young and Mature skin.

The most important thing – correctly to pick up face masks, taking into account individual peculiarities of your skin. If Your skin is dry, it needs a mask that will moisturize it, if the normal (which, incidentally, is rare) – need the mask just have a good face cleansing and supporting a healthy balance of the skin. Well, if Your skin is oily, choose a mask that tightens pores and removes greasy Shine.

Also, remember 3 simple rules:

  • Before applying the mask clean your face with any cleansers: foam, gel, tonic, scrub. Just keep in mind, if your skin has pimples, scrub better not to use. Acne can become more and may irritated.
  • Do not keep the mask on your face for 20 minutes. 15-20 minutes – that's the perfect time to apply the mask.
  • Don't do the mask too often. 1-2 times a week is enough.

Very useful for skin masks out of clay. Healing clay is a white, green, black, red, pink. You can choose the clay for your skin type, and can choose another mask.

Most importantly, remember: if You pick up the right mask, the result will be noticeable soon enough.

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