Typically the most popular materials for creating such jewelries are silver and gold of different colors. For people with limited financial capabilities will suit white or yellow gold. Rose gold and platinum for people with high incomes. But whatever the color of the metal was not immediately possible to distinguish from ordinary jewelry.

As with all fashionable trend in this field of the fashion house also developed a number of rules that will help you make the right choice. Because the particular body will be always the fundamental factor to select any decoration. First and foremost, the use of a particular chain depends on the length of the neck.

Massive, with big rings of the chain are able to make the neck shorter, which is sometimes not always be appropriate, especially if the neck is short. For this type of neck is best to use a miniature version that will not place undue burden on the neck, but on the contrary, visually make it more long and graceful. You can use the medium chain length "twisted wire" type or a tourniquet. This option is included in the list of popular trends, which is chosen by most modern fashionistas.

As for the owners of long necks, there are virtually no constraint. You can use a massive chain short length. As a rule, they are located within the collarbone, so do not restrict movement and does not cling to clothes. Short circuit is best suited for the combination with an open dress.

It is worth noting that if you use the chain as decoration, you must be very careful, as in combination with other jewelry accessories it can greatly heavier image. Therefore, when creating an evening look it is necessary to experiment and choose the most successful form. Some jewelry chains allow the combination of small pendants as an addition image. But it is not recommended to use this option in combination with large chains or large sections, because these two things almost don't go together.