Fashion trends

Have left their positions in the new season, massive decorations. They seem firmly established on the fashion catwalks. There are new trends. Various unusual combinations, plastic, rubber, stone and metal – all this is fashionable in 2016.

To past eras

A breeze blew past with a new force. This season an unusual burst of heavy jewelry. Previously, they looked perfect with crinolines and delicately bare shoulders. Today these ornaments are in tandem with the collar stand. Large stones, "the Dukes" chains – all of it finds a second life and popularity in the new season.

Do not be too far

This season especially popular are the multi-tiered decoration on the neck – a necklace-collars, necklaces in several rows. Invariable in this issue is the pearls, which always looks elegant and chic. But do not concede their position, and various bright stones, metal products and seemingly not jewelry materials, plastic and fur. Various solid and multilayer beads chain look elegant and expressive, and chain-collars – boldly and bravely.

The suspension?

Do not get tired to please its variety and charms. Fashion trend – long pendants with various stones, unusual pendant on a long or thick chains. Not far behind and the laces with ribbons. Such suspension visually lengthen the woman's neck.


Pendants never cease to amaze with its diversity. This season along with exquisite pendant and tassels are popular beads and keys. Extravagant look like massive locks and metal charms. All this attracts special attention.

Beautiful identity

Ethnic style for several seasons are not inferior to their positions. Leaders of 2016 became the Scythian, Indian and African motifs. From them emanates mystery and uniqueness. Different decorations such massiveness that allows them to perfectly complement the image with no other frills.