Change the location

Despite the traditional place of the broach collar for large variants and shoulder for a little today to see this accessory anywhere. It items of clothing, belts, and pins. No exception was underwear and even wedding bouquets.

Flowers and animals

As for the design, then at the peak of its popularity of floral motifs that are also firmly cemented its position in the brooches. This constant classic. Not inferior position and animalistic themes. These brooches look elegant and refined. Suitable for real lady.

Something new

But the real yoke will be happy abstract and unusual forms of brooches. Funny and playful, often shocking, these brooches will appeal to bold and playful lady.

A few rules

Although today the brooches and have undergone some changes, the rules of wearing them still remain unchanged. So, for ladies with curvaceous ideal option would be rounded brooches. In turn, slim women can please themselves with any ornaments from a series of brooches. The combination of this accessory with the purse or the Shoe looks interesting and stylish. Moreover, its tandem with the outfit, no one will appreciate. If the brooch will merge with clothing, it makes no sense to wear. She needs to stand out and attract attention. If the dress has sequins and bright details, the brooch will be a plus.

True tandem

A combination of brooches other jewelry should also be careful. You should not wear beads, flashy jewelry, when there is a brooch. Otherwise, it looks ugly and speaks about the lack of taste and style. Do not lose a sense of proportion. Ideal combination brooch and discreet, sleek outfit that the accessory and highlight.

Stick to the rules, inviolable for centuries, and look stylish and irresistible.