To make such a useful decoration for wall, you will need a box from a writing or business table (do not throw away the boxes along with the end table!) a piece of bright Wallpapers, paint, loop or string to hang the box on the wall.

The work on the shelf is simple:

1. If the box is from an old table, a good pre-wash it and degrease it.

2. The walls of the box color any bright color. Don't forget about the safety rules in this work.

3. On the bottom of the box glue a piece of Wallpaper or paper, used for packing gifts. Suitable adhesive tape interesting colors, cotton fabric.

4. On the reverse side of the drawer attach a loop or string to hang the resulting shelf on the wall.

Useful tip: if you want to make the shelf more functional, then before you glue the Wallpaper on the bottom of the box, attach a piece of sheet metal, and her decorate to taste. This technique will allow to mount on the rear wall of box notes and photos with magnets. Another method to achieve this result is to stick to the bottom of the box a piece of cork. In this case, notes and pictures can be fixed on decorative buttons or pins.

Make several of these shelves and hang them on the wall. They will allow you to place vases, framed photos, other stuff, and look all this "wealth" would be harmonious.

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