You will need
  • 1. Mounting bracket (2 pieces)
  • 2. Drill
  • 3. Drill medium diameter
  • 4. Screws average diameter (4-8 pieces)
  • 5. Pencil
Look closely at your room and decide on what wall and what its place a hinged shelf will stay comfortable and look good in the overall context. It is better to take the very shelf and fasten it to the surface area of the wall where, as you suggest, it will hang. If the new item fits into the interior - you can safely get to work.
Examine the shelf and determine whether it has any possibilities for fixing. If not, you will have to do a standard, suitable for any wooden shelves procedure. To do this, go to the hardware store or to the market and buy two or three steel angles of suitable size.
Hang the mounting bracket to the rear left edge of the surface of the shelf so that when in contact with the wall it of its vertical part tightly to her fit. Take a pencil and make a mark on the shelf (in the form of dots or small circles) through the hole in the corner. Then just set the second area to the right edge of the shelf and make a mark on the side.
Take the drill and drill a small diameter drill into the surface of the shelf two holes in those places where you made the mark. Then again, put one corner and attach it to the shelf with not too long of a screw of the appropriate diameter (to pick up screw easy on the eyes). Do the same with the second area, and the fastening system mounted your shelves ready.
Attach the shelf to the wall at the selected location again and set it in precisely that position in which it will then be placed. Take a pencil and mark this time on the wall in those places where they will be screwed corners (through the holes in them). Using the drill and the same drill for the mounting brackets to the shelf, drill the holes in the wall (by removing a shelf to the side) in those areas that you mentioned.
Put the shelf against the wall again and now prikruchivayte corners to the wall using holes. Try to screw in the screws gradually, to make them stronger was a part of the surface and is not loose in the process of tightening. If this operation failed, then feel free to put on your shelf that is not before this place in your room - it is ready for operation.