Today become very popular jewelry with natural stones. Their main advantage is the possibility long-term storage. They for a huge amount of time, retain their luster and beauty, delighting not only the hostess, but delighting others. The most fascinating and relevant, recognized jewelry made of pearls. Also often use the classic versions of stones such as amethyst, carnelian, agate and others. Based on them make a lot of jewelry: bracelets, rings, necklaces, necklaces or necklaces.

For rims, the most commonly used gold or silver but currently a very interesting option for framing is considered to be surgical steel, which not only harmonizes perfectly with the stones, but does not cause any allergic reactions on the skin. To wear such decorations are allowed as children (look great bright pieces, encrusted with small stones), and women (in this case, the choice is very large). In order not to make mistakes while selecting jewelry, to suggest based on the zodiac sign and astrological properties of stones, and their compatibility.

Care products made from natural stones, does not require much effort. It is enough to observe basic rules:

  1. Jewelry should be removed before contact with water and to prevent interaction with chlorine and azotosoderzhashchie means.
  2. To avoid interaction with any cosmetic and chemical industry.
  3. For a long lasting products you need to store, limiting the amount of light and avoiding high temperatures.
  4. Before bed be sure to remove jewelry. Also it needs to be done during homework using a variety of detergents.

Thus, products of natural stones are a great option for all ladies. They are relevant as in the evening dresses and for everyday use. Jewelry is very low maintenance and will be a bright addition to any look.