If a woman were to give the jewels, the joy of the gift can be seen in the eyes. Among these decorations you can see earrings, rings, chains, brooches, pins, pendants and watches. These ornaments are made of pure precious metal, or decorated with precious stones. The most expensive stone is diamond. About the advantages of these metals is known to many, but they have useful properties that people use in everyday life.

Gold has its virtues and properties. It is actively used for treatment in alternative medicine and cosmetology. It has a good effect on the nervous system, relieves stress, inflammation, helps with allergies, boosts brain activity. Certain recipes do not exist. Gold just needs to wear in the form of jewelry on yourself.

In modern cosmetology of gold made masks for the face and body, they improve the skin, make it soft and supple. Hair after a mask look shiny and silky. This procedure can afford not every woman because it is expensive. Also among foodies pollen is used in cooking, it improves the metabolism in the body.

Silver has long been considered therapeutic and a useful metal, it is one of the few found in pure form. It involves a lot of legends. For example, about the silver bullets against werewolves and amulets that protect from the evil eye. The water in the bowl of silver is considered to be crystal clear and useful. For the body, this metal is useful for tachycardia, for relaxation, helps rapid healing of wounds, inflammatory processes.

It is believed that the silver helps to heal mental and physical injuries. Also silver has magical properties. Since ancient times it was believed that it can expel evil spirits, cleanse the house from evil spirits, to improve the energy sector. Since ancient times silver is considered a noble metal. That is why people with long time wear various ornaments and charms. If silver tarnishes, it takes away the bad energy of a person.

Gold and silver are considered noble metals. Decoration of these elegant, graceful and unique.