Do not fall for the manipulation

If in the morning just before your child threw a fit and announced reluctance to go to kindergarten, don't need to go on about him, frantically trying to figure out options, which parent will be able to take time off from work or urgently call a grandmother. Find out what caused the failure. The kid can figure out that he had stomach ache, for example. Take a look at it carefully. If it really is all right, try to convince the small inventor still get out of the house.

Understand the causes

It is very important to understand the reasons behind the reluctance of a child to attend care. Try to identify and establish their true source. Experts in the field of child psychology indicate the three most significant reasons that can cause a negative reaction of the child to kindergarten. It can be:

  • fear of unfamiliar people
  • a shortage of friends
  • the lack of contact with tutor

Lack of friends

The child in the new conditions it is necessary not only to adjust to the established in the kindergarten regime and certain rules of behavior, but also to learn how to communicate with a variety of character and temperament guys. This is a new experience for the baby, which can be both positive and negative. Ask your heir, with whom he likes to play more. Try to negotiate with the parents of the friend your child and gather for a joint promenade in the Park or on a specialized Playground for children. So your child is more able to learn, to find common language with children from the same kindergarten, goes to the baby and to remove problems in communication.

The lack of understanding with the employee of a kindergarten

If you notice that the child perceives the teacher in a negative way and even afraid of, try to discuss with the kid his fears. Find out, maybe its there too severely punished. Talk to the employee of the kindergarten without emotion and claims. Perhaps together you will be able to understand the problem and to establish a relationship between adult and child. If nothing helps it is better to change the group.

Be gentle and patient, the baby can feel your mood. You are quite capable to help your beloved child to overcome fears and to fully integrate into society.