Well before to give the child to the kindergarten will set the mode of the children's institutions. The most important is the rise start time fees in the future, Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Teach your child to afternoon sleep and awakening regime.
Teach child to play independently, to communicate with peers and all domestic skills. He should be able to use a spoon, drink from a Cup and potty. Learn to dress and undress independently. Do not buy clothing that is difficult to put on and fasten.
Pre-take your child to the Playground and preschool institutions, introduce him to the children and teachers. Can negotiate with the head of the kindergarten and a few days to visit the group with your child.
The first few days, leaving the child alone in the children's garden , you must take him one hour. After a successful hour stay in the group time can be increased to two hours. Within two months to leave the baby longer than before lunch is not recommended. So, planning the return to work need to accustom the child to the children's garden.
Always tell your child that you are soon after him. Don't react with concern that the first days the baby will cry at parting with you. This is a normal reaction the entire period of adaptation. Your concern will be passed on to the child. Believe me, I got used to the children's garden, the child will be reluctant to go home.
Talk with your child about how he spent the day, what's new and interesting to learn. Keep the conversation child about friends in the children's garden and classes. Say in the presence of the child only positive about the kindergarten and the educators.
Let your child take a favorite toy in kindergarten and share them with other children.
After a two-month period of adaptation to a new team and daily trips to kindergarten, the child can be left on all day. And then you will be able to go to work.