You will need
  • - tools for quilling (stick with a forked sting, template, awl, tweezers, pins)
  • - a sheet of A4 paper;
  • - hole punch;
  • - scissors — a simple, curved;
  • strips for quilling different widths;
  • - colored paper, tinted;
  • - cardboard — color and white;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - a glue brush;
  • - comb;
  • pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - frame.
Shaped scissors cut out the circles on which child can draw the portraits of their loved ones. Tell me, what characteristics have a relative. Instead, on top of them to stick the pictures.
Draw on a piece basis the contours of the future of wood, the ends of the branches stick the portraits that will become apples. And on the branches write the names. All inscriptions must be done before start to glue contours and rolls!
It's time to glue the outlines of the branches and trunk. At the end of the brown strips, apply glue and attach a sheet in place of the drawn contour. Press for half a minute. PVA needs to be thick to paper dry and securely glued to the base.
Manufacture rolls of strips of different shades of brown. For this purpose, the tip of the strip clamp the tip in the stack and very tightly wrap it on the stack, pressing the edge of the finger. Attach the stack with the pattern roll to the desired diameter and release the tip.
When the roll a little spin, squeeze PVA glue into the tip of the strip and glue it to the roll. With the help of safety pins or special patterns such roll can be turned into a drop, leaf, triangle etc.
Remove the roll and squeeze it with one hand (drop) or two (sheet or eyes). This tree is made from such simple shapes in quilling.
Put the barrel within the contours, smearing glue on the bottom of the roll and the sides. The crown is made from the leaves of similarly — rolls-drops of various sizes of stripes in various shades of green.
After placing the tree to fill the background. Here comes the punch and stained paper. The sky can be made of circles of purple, blue and blue.
The bottom of the composition too, should not be left blank. Weed can make them same strips that you used to make the crown. For this purpose one end of the strip will roll up into a spiral and glue to the other basis. If the width and the length of the lines in the design of grass is different, it will make the picture more interesting.
In the lower part you can also do basic inscription with the name of the owner of the family tree. To do this, wind the strip on the bottle or the glass, lock the flat end of the glue and let dry. During this time, you must complete a circle (inscription). Carefully remove the ring and glue it to the base end side.
With a simple combs give the strip a uniform wavy curves, and glue it to the ring around lettering with the name.
The end of the song on its edge, you can stick the strips to the painting looked finished. Insert the family tree in a frame.