What mistakes of this kind occur most often and how to avoid them?

1. Too dark interior

When you want to create a classic interior, most of us automatically turns to brown, dark blue, Burgundy colors. But too many dark colors in typical small rooms will make them not solid, just like dark hole.

Helpful hint: when choosing colors for finishing materials will help any visualization program.

2. Too boring design of the room

If you are trying to make room in a minimalist spirit, pick the same textures and restrained colors for Wallpaper, furniture, textiles, there is the risk of getting very boring decorated room. The room will look just as fresh, if not use bright accents, interesting and unexpected texture.

Useful tip: even if you are trying to spend as little money as possible to upgrade the interior, ask the fashion trends, interesting findings designers. For their implementation does not always need a lot of money.

3. The lack of large storage systems

Yes, most of us the rooms are very small but that is no reason to save space on the storage systems.

Helpful hint: order your boxes for storing things under the bed, choose sofas with a large storage inside, etc.

By the way, the error of the same kind - too much furniture. That's what happens when things more and more, and storage systems for them initially not thought out, which leads to documania the dresser, the wardrobe, some bedside table or another shelf.

4. Too large chandelier

Voluminous, intricate and decorated the chandelier with lots of bulbs is appropriate, perhaps, only in the spacious living room. And then when you want to spend a cosy family night, it will not work.

Perhaps, in terms of the selection of lamps suitable principle of "less is better". Most often the best choice is a neat chandelier and a few additional lamps of smaller power.