You will need
  • The plan of the apartment
  • The dimensions of the furniture
To start planning to rearrange the furniture in your small room that you will multiply plan living area. This will allow you to exactly understand how will look the interior of without the actual movement of furniture. Don't forget to check that the plan adequately reflect all television, telephone and electrical outlets, etc.
How should consider how you want to use the area of the room. Because different types of rooms for various purposes (office for work, a dining room for dinners, etc.). Depending on this plan the arrangement of furniture.
Make a list of furniture that is sure to make the decor of your little room. Estimate, what should be its dimensions for all compactly accommodated.
Draw several possible options for furniture placement on copies of your housing plan. Note, however, that the first plan should be to accommodate the largest object around him to leave a free space for moving around the room, schematically, and then place the smaller items.
Select the most suitable plan from those that you have drawn and start to arrange furniture in a small room.