The most radical method of dividing a room is to install fixed interior partitions. If the room has 2 Windows, you can install an opaque partition of the drywall on a metal frame, or of brick. If the second half of the room is left without natural light, it makes sense to do a partition translucent of colored or frosted glass. If you decided to do an opaque solid partition, make it the opening to close the same translucent glass, which will play the role of the window.
You can separate the room into 2 areas with mobile partitions. It differs in that it is not attached to the walls or ceiling tightly. Baffles made from aluminum shell, lined with plastic panels or tempered glass.
The use of an ordinary screen will allow you to isolate a cozy little area to read or sleep. The screen can be made independently. This will require a lath frame, hanging loop and fabric for wrapping frames. Of slats to the frame on the legs of the connecting rails with corners and nails. Then the frame should paint, connect by loops mounted zigzag and stretch the fabric to the frame.
Mounted across the room rack without back wall can be a great way of zoning without creating partitions. In shelves you can put books, accessories, vases with flowers. It seems the space is not blocked, and at the same time cozy and comfortable.
Divide the room into different functional zones is possible without the use of partitions. This is done by use of different colors and materials and structures made of plasterboard. For example, construct a two-level ceiling of plasterboard, making a second ceiling in the border areas. At the bottom set the podium on the same line. Decorate the entire space in one zone in one color and the other areas another. The space of the room is absolutely transformed, and no one doubts that it is two zones. So it is possible to divide the children's room between the two children, to separate the Seating area in the living room from the dining area.