Well, when a woman supports her man and gives him faith in himself, but, on the other hand, starting to Lisp with him, she suppresses his inner masculinity, he provokes the behavior of a small child.

Psychologists believe that all men can be divided into two categorical types:

- the"iron knights" the strong in spirit men who have never and do not allow anyone to show pity towards himself;

-"little boys" — such men all the time looking for a reason to someone to complain.

All women have maternal instinct, so not surprisingly, the majority chooses the "weak" men, who need support, care and an open expression of love. But this does not mean that strong men don't need all of that. They are just more of SKOVus in their emotions, do not show their true desires even to himself.

Pity is an expression of psychological help to the man. Usually strong and helps the weak. Hence the reluctance of men to feel sorry for them. So the woman shows her power, moral supremacy over man, and this, in turn, is to him inexcusable. So to spare you need to properly, otherwise your actions will not gratitude, but anger and irritation. A "real" man will willingly take the hidden manifestations of pity and help him matters, be detail-oriented – pour the tea, cover with a blanket during sleep or hug for no reason. But in any case, don't become obsessive – it will not tolerate any man. Endless calls-guff and kisses every minute withdraw himself from anyone.

You like no other, know the needs of his men – maybe he likes to have his brush stood to the left or to morning coffee was cooled down a bit? So make sure that the man was nice and does not require gratitude, because men are in a depressed state sometimes do not notice anyone around him. Be patient and just be there. And if you notice, that man is indeed in need of mercy, then show it by deeds, not words.

If the partner you chose a weak man, help him become strong. Not to Lisp with him, and don't praise without reason. Of course, to call it a failure is also impossible, it is important to objectively assess his actions and behavior. Do not look for excuses for all his failures, and better help to remedy the situation. Should not all blindly forgive and justify any, even the most ugly deeds.

It is important to be a woman beside my man and not to turn to him "mommy". Mom you must be for their children, but not for my husband.