You will need
  • - Rake;
  • - Shovel;
  • - Sand;
  • Board;
  • - Concrete slab;
  • - A crane;
  • - Tractor;
  • - A joiner's tool.
Choose the shore of the lake, which covers morning and afternoon sun. It is desirable that he was a little elevated and was not waterlogged. If the land around the lake is sandy – this will greatly facilitate the work, whereas clay soils, retains moisture, need a drainage system. Before you begin to create it, you need to clear the ground for the future of the beach from trees and shrubs. In order not to experience any pangs of moral sense – after all, the forest is less and less planted several dozen young saplings on the edge of nearby. It's a pretty good way to live after the felling of trees in harmony with their conscience.
Invite divers to survey the bottom. It is especially important to know what slope to a depth of 2 m. Ideal – sandy bottom with elements of plant debris. It without high costs can be removed, giving the bottom of any relief. If the entry has a dramatic cliff – this is more complicated. Have to install pontoons – bridges from which you can swim. For baby beach, in this case, can not do without concrete slabs.
Pour the shore of the river sand. So it is not washed, it is desirable to provide some protective material, which may be a layer between him and the ground. If you want you can dig with a tractor land and plant it with lawn grass. This beach will be much more comfortable, but grass needs constant care. Moreover, it is easily trampled. You can, of course, to zone the beach: the main area to do sand some areas to make the lawn or decorate a towering flower beds.
Provide basic infrastructure, such as toilets, changing rooms and places where vacationers will be able to burn the braziers. Unfortunately, this is a tribute to time and without the cook does not do any one beach. To your place of rest was the order, make a mandatory requirement to cook kebabs only in designated areas.