Too much furniture

In the bedroom is better to put only the necessary: bed, wardrobe, bedside table and, if necessary, a dressing table. The rest of the furniture for the bedroom is not necessary, and you should consider it before you put it in there Desk or bookcase, even a little.

Correctly chosen lighting

It should be soft and diffused. Should not be too bright and annoying light, like eternal twilight. Fans of unusual and exotic better be careful with the so-called coloured lighting – over time, blue or orange light can get annoyed or just bored.

The excess of bright, aggressive colors

In the bedroom, they should not be too much. Even if the tenant likes saturated colors, it is better to use them wisely and gradually, especially in the room such as a bedroom. For walls, floors, furniture and bed linen better to choose calm pastel colors, and the decor something brighter.

The excess of cool colors

As you know, colors can be divided into warm and cold. When you are in the room (and this applies not only to the bedroom), it can lead to depression. As stated in the previous paragraph, all should be in moderation.

The monotony in the color scheme

This applies to both bright colors, and more relaxed. This will quickly get bored.

Lots of mirrors

It is desirable to have in the bedroom, one full length mirror. Mirrored walls or ceilings can quickly get bored and also impractical.

The wrong location of the bed

Access to it should be open from all sides.


It is important not to overdo the décor. First, it is impractical, and secondly, may get annoyed.

The wrong combination of colors or combination of different styles

Unlikely African figurines will look beautiful with a lamp in the style of Provence. But the wrong combination of colors will be evident in the first place.

Quality fabrics

What is better not to save, so it's on the tissues. It is important to look for quality textiles. But for a small bedrooms worth taking natural and simple fabrics.