There is a theory: if the shoes and the hairstyle of a person is all right, the flaws of the costume, no one will pay attention. There is in this truth. Try it for yourself to experiment. Which is better: a fashionable dress, coupled with dirty hair and ill-fitting shoes or the most ordinary jeans and a top, but with shoes and luxury styling?


The main and most important rule of a well-groomed head is always clean hair. After washing my hair need to use the balm if air conditioning. Treated in this way hair will be softer and more shiny.

Even if you just wear loose hair, after water procedures it is necessary to put. If you need straight hair, then straighten with a Flatiron, if a wave on dry round comb with styling products. Just dried hair will stick out in different directions or shining.

The tips of the hair and bangs must always be podrobney, and the color fresh. Unless, of course, burnt hair – not a season hit. Refresh the color preferably every two months.


The shoes are a separate issue. If you do not have a large funds, it is better to buy expensive shoes than expensive clothes. But if expensive and quality shoes you can afford – do not despair. Even at the local market to find a pair of shoes that looks stylish and expensive.

For everyday wear shoes should be no superfluous decorations, quiet tones, matching almost any outfit. For women it is desirable that the shoes were heel – it gives femininity.

Beautiful shoes and fashionable hairstyle is good, but that's not all the secrets a well-kept appearance.


The skin looked well-groomed, need, accordingly, to take care of it. In perfume stores you can find products for cleaning and skin care for any age and any price range. All kinds of tonics, scrubs, milk cleanser, day and night cream, mask. Of long-term use noticeable good effect.

Makeup should be natural in the afternoon and a bright evening. If you focus on the eyes, the lips should be pastel tones. If bright lipstick is not to overdo it with eye makeup. Definitely the right tone. This can be concealer, powder, or bb cream. The tone will hide all imperfections, enlarged pores and uneven skin.

There is also an additional means to adjust the shape of the face such as concealers, military and so on.


Nails of hands and feet in need of a good manicure and pedicure. Forget about bright green acute graft nails. The rich and well-groomed men have a neat shape of your nails with solid Polish or gel Polish. In any case, women should not be oblepichowoe varnish is moveton.


As for the body – it is clear and so that the body needs to bring it to perfection. People who take care of themselves, are engaged in fitness or any sport, to be healthy your body. We should not neglect the means to care for body scrubs, creams, and kits for body wraps at home. Slim and smooth body always looks beautiful and well-maintained.