First fertilizing petunias

Petunia fed fertilizer the first time when will be held approximately two weeks after sowing of seeds in the soil. Fertilizing helps plants to gain the green weight of stems, leaves, and promotes the formation of a Bush. It is preferable to use a complex fertilizer, rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.

If you are wondering about what kind of fertilizer to feed the seedlings petunias, it is best to contact the store specializing in the sale of garden or indoor plants. The best option can be a soluble mixture, with a predominance of phosphorus and nitrogen. For example, are great for fertilizing petunias fertilizer such as "miracle Garden", "bona Forte" and "Ideal".

Also very effective are water-soluble dry fertilizers, produced in the form of powder or granules, such as Plentiful" or "Master".

To the leaves of plants are not yellowing, it is necessary to feed them with a fertilizer rich in iron, such as Veronic".

The second fertilizing petunias

To flowering petunias were plentiful and lush, do not forget about the subcortex for buds. Element responsible for flowering is potassium, is why you should choose the fertilizer for petunias in which this element is contained.

So Petunia was lush and bushy, make good use of fertilizer "Kristallon Green", treating them the seedlings. It is a greenish powder that completely dissolves in water. To prepare the nutrient solution, you need to take 1 tsp powder per 5 l of water. Solution to spray plants 2 times in 6-8 days. During flowering Petunia spray is not recommended.

In the period of flowering is necessary every 10 days to make the soil fertilizers such as "Akvarin", "Cristallo", "Camera".