Joint procurement of cosmetics is a way of organizing large purchases in which a few people get together to purchase goods in bulk from the supplier. As a rule, the prices of such orders is much lower than the store. The higher full cost of the purchase, the greater discounts and cheaper products for the end customer. In fact, through joint purchases (SP) people have the opportunity to purchase high quality products without charge retail store.

For joint procurement of cosmetics going to a group of buyers who require the same products. One of the group members, the organizer, is a list of the necessary makeup, finds a supplier, studying the rates, discounts, conditions of wholesale supply. Considering all of the data is the final list, the organizer places the order on the website of the seller, pays for it and after taking delivery at the distribution center. The procedure and rules for the distribution of products, as well as fundraising by the group specified in advance. To pay my share of products to the organizer of the procurement participants may in fact receive it, and before the purchase that is most likely to happen.

The advantages of joint purchases of cosmetics for buyers are obvious:

  • With United in the SP associates can purchase high-quality cosmetics at a low price.
  • Many cosmetic products are not sold individually, only in bulk. Often necessary the makeup is simply not available in retail outlets in small towns. Therefore, the participation in the joint purchase of wholesale parties - often the only chance to get the desired cosmetic products.
  • Joint purchasing online saves time buyers, excluding visiting shopping malls and queues at the box office.
  • When SP is significantly below the cost of delivery to the end user. The fact that the delivery of a large batch of cosmetics will cost almost the same amount as one bottle. But often delivery fees are comparable, and even higher cost of goods. However, joint procurement of waste on delivery to share to all members of the group and will make a small amount per person.
  • All the participants in the joint procurement are interested in how to get quality cosmetics at a bargain price, so the opinions and feedback of these customers the most valuable and speak without embellishment. In the process of coordinating the procurement people have the opportunity to know the experience of those who have already used this system and bought the same product.

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Please note that joint procurement can now be organized only at specialized services SP. However, it is not necessary to look for already existing group for wholesale purchases - you can create your, together with, for example, work colleagues, girlfriends, neighbours. Savings when it comes to a quarter of the value of the products.

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