Select product group (or several groups) in which you are familiar. If the seller knows the product and interesting talks about it, it makes an impression of professionalism and creates trust among the customers. To find a niche according to your taste, make a start on your education and interests, and financial capabilities. An important role can play also useful contacts, knowledge of languages, the geography of your location and other factors.
Search niches for Internet Commerce is a multi-faceted work. You need to apply specific marketing tools to scrutinize the market and identify the needs of potential clients. Identify a need in your products/services to local customers. Select the product that: a) no one has ever offered in this area; b) is absent in this segment of the market; C) high demand.
To calculate the need for the right product in different ways. For example, you can analyze media, communicate with people, to indicate a few of the most needed commodities in which they feel the need or have the desire to buy them. Define your target audience: age and sex composition of potential customers in this market segment, which can represent their tastes and desires. It is also useful to consider current fashion trends (TV, press, Internet, music, movies).
To study the market trends and use Internet services, e.g., service statistics keywords Enter the desired query item (for example: "buy cell phone"), click "choose" and get the number of queries (i.e. people who are looking for this product). If the number of requests exceeds 1000, so product demand.
The market is quite virtually any product, so be prepared for competition. On the other hand, do not think that all niches are already occupied. There is always something missing (in stores in your area, the Internet), and there is always something that can be better (price, service, service, range, quality). You must do so to be head and shoulders above your competitors. Differ some advantage (and preferably more) compared to them, so that the buyer could see and appreciate the difference (benefit, ease and comfort) when ordering goods. You need something to stand out from the crowd, something to interest and attract the customer.
It is also useful to put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Ask yourself: "What goods I wish to purchase? Would I buy this product (for the price)"?
Price is an important factor that must be taken into account. To determine the price of a product, imagine yourself as a buyer of your target audience. What he wants, what financial features. Ask friends who fall into this group of buyers, if they have a need for this product, for how much they would buy it, I have preferences and wishes. The more you get to reach an audience - the more complete picture obtained.
Before setting prices for goods calculate your expenses to stay in the "minus". Make a business plan to open an online store. Form margin: price list dealer's margin = price product. Your price should be no higher than your competitors.
Well, if you have a wide range of goods, because only a single product, in addition to the Essentials, you are unlikely to earn a lot. However, it should be based on their financial capabilities.
It is desirable, especially in the beginning, when you still gain experience in online sales, only a minimal risk. I.e., to establish a "probationary period" for each new product category, purchased a small batch to see whether it will be in demand. Continue to come from demand analysis, to decide whether to buy a new party and to what extent.