First, you should really look at Chad. Maybe it just dies a talented actor, and you should not hurry up and pasted on an innocent child label "hysteria". Have really hysteroid children signs of problems are in the nature of extremes. Pets, adults with each new day requires more and more attention – they seem all small. And individual attitude in the classroom, and what mom doesn't come to work, and running with him twenty-four hours a day, and what they are praised for every little thing. They demand more and more, and at first is not so noticeable. However, over time this behavior becomes all consuming. Tantrums when the parent is talking on the phone, shouts and curses when we do not, as they need to, the desire for power, jealousy of Shakespeare on friendly terms at school. Should not close their eyes to the disturbing calls and the opinions of others.

Secondly, you should not make the child the navel of the Universe. This advice is applicable to all the happy owners of the offspring, however, in relation to demonstrative child needs to build this thought on the level of ideology. Praise that so often flows out of the mouth of the parents about the slightest achievements and complete disregard for the sins of the child will lead to the fact that adult life would be a blow to him, because no one will bow down to the feet in University, teachers will not be considered in exceptional Chad star with no real skills or knowledge, and certainly will Mature a conflict. Not to mention the fact that no one will tolerate at work too conceited employee, confident in his infallibility. So praise should be in moderation, and only for real achievements.

Thirdly, parents should monitor the emotional background of the family. A child protester from an early age learning to deceive, to adjust the situation to play on the feelings and emotions. Parents should learn to say "no" to tantrums, screaming and crying. To see when the child is right and when it's just a scene. Yes, the mothers in these cases just heartbreaking pain and resentment for their child perfect, and even a beloved husband is perceived as the devil incarnate. But hysteroid child, get what you want, be it a toy, attention, or even a scandal between adults, come in good condition and will reward all the losers victorious smile. Only strength of character, the joint position with your partner and the categorical denial, without repetition, belief, or attempts to negotiate will act in such situations.

And, fourthly, for development of such children it is necessary to focus on help to others. Increased self-centeredness usually manifests itself in the fact that the child does, what he thinks about himself, forgetting the others, and every year it is becoming more like an addiction. Empathy, altruism and caring is alien to these children, therefore, should be unobtrusive to pay attention Chad in the Affairs of others, their emotions or feelings. However, defiantly deny their own son or daughter attention is fraught with internal conflict, self-absorbed child, the question "dad, did you not love me?" and another round of manipulation and childhood injuries. To show that his feelings are important, Yes, but also the feelings of others, especially mom or dad, have equal weight.