Smack child: is it worth it?

One of the most ancient methods of punishment, whipping was considered as well as the traditional method of education for many Russian families. However, considering the realities of modern methods of education, is it worth wasting time on this method?

Many psychologists believe that if a parent tries to use physical violence against the child as punishment, it speaks of the insolvency of the parent should be able to explain to the child all the words, under his consciousness verbally, without the use of a leather strap or - what is worse - lash.

However, this statement is not entirely just to confirm: some children did not know how to process information, and 10-year-old is not always easy to explain why this is bad and this is good, so it is easier to fix a child's behavior with punishment when training dogs.

If you listen to the opinions of parents of obedient children, most of them agree that the main principle of physical punishment is moderation - spanking only when "the child really possesses some kind of devil."

"Side effects" of spanking children

Many psychologists believe spanking is not only an outdated method, but also those who are able to bring in a child's life is misfortune and destroy it as a potential talent...


Today, the human psyche is in constant tension, and the tension is even stronger, therefore, they may stractivate your concern is completely different - they may not understand why you punished them. Considering flogging the usual act of violence against them, they will be closed and you will Harbor anger.

To undermine the psyche of the child very easy if you smack it hard and since childhood. While it is unlikely it will change their ideological orientations, if you will see in your environment (friends, family, classmates) people doing what he forbid. In the future, it can only spur in him a desire to try the forbidden fruit.

To flog small children only in extreme cases: experts in education, and folk wisdom suggest to start acts of physical punishment on stage of adolescence, when the brain of a child "naughty" more likely.

It is foolish to jump from one extreme to the other: smack all the time - it is possible to produce the effects mentioned above, do not flog at all (especially boys) - can grow weak-willed people, so the ideal option would be moderation. Moreover, it is necessary to consider the psychological type of your child - someone who can perceive spanking as mindless violence to pass all my life huddled in a cocoon, having terribly low self esteem. Be careful, often you can just slap on the Pope (those who are younger) or to give a slap in the face (those who are older), but first - a conversation.